Friday, November 09, 2007

the great outdoors (delayed post)

Here's cristi you can see our Campsite and car behind her.

On the trail with Cristi

we made it to the top. Granite look out

this has got to be the best view from an outhouse on planet earth.

living on the edge.

This was the lookout on top of Granite. It has been there forever. It is used to spot fires. There were like 4 different fires going on at the time. The ranger wasn't there because of the fires. Luckily the view was really nice even with all the smoke.

the photographer

cristi overlooking the valley. With camera in hand. Hmmmm big suprise. That camera is like an extension of her body. She just got a new camera too. I'm sure glad she's making money off of this passion, because I have a feeling it could get spendy quick

TOP OF granite peak


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BYU vs. TCU OR The mighty cougars vs the horned frogs

So last night I went to the BYU game with my old buddy Chad. Chadillac as I like to call him is always a good time. I haven't spent a lot of time with him as of late so it was good to catch up.

The kid is a hoot. We always have a good time.

Chad knew some chick that hooked us up with free tickets. It's always good to get things for free. It's like my favorite price. So that was the hook up. I've been away from Provo for so long it was kinda cool to go back. The Gordon B Hinkley bldg was finished (I donated 50 bones to that thing). I'm sure it helped pay for 10-15 bricks at least.

That's a good looking building.

It took forever to get down from SLC we made a few stops along the way, but traffic was killer.

There's always something magical about going to Lavell Edwards stadium. We got there right at kickoff and it was fun to be in the sold out crowd 64,000+ fans. They've had like the last 5 home games sell out. We had pretty crummy seats so we went to the 50 yard line 6 rows up from the field and found some empty seats. Much better. We didn't get kicked out until half time when a big dude and his lady showed up. hahha. Chad told them" we were just keeping your seats warm". They must have gotten stuck in traffic. They were crazy late. I mean 1/2 time are you for reals? We just walked down to the 40 yd line and hung out there the rest of the game.

The game ended up kind of tight but the Cougars ran all over them. They are supposed to have a good defense, but they didn't seem super great. The TCU horned frogs weren't really a threat. The coolest thing about them was their kicker had only one arm. Chad and I didn't catch it until the 3rd qtr. We wanted to see if he'd tackle anyone. But, we didn't see anything too exciting that way.

I might try to grab Cristi and go down to the San Diego game in Dec that was canceled because of the fires. Toddley is in Malibu so we could crash there. We'll see how busy things get and if Southwest has some vouchers they'll let us use for a free flight.

I forgot my camera so no pictures. Chad had on a vintage hat reppin' the cougs. It was cool.

We'll be in London for the BYU U game it's in Provo this year. So maybe I can catch it online or something. The poor U. haha. It's good the U is there for everyone who can't get into BYU. They offer a great service. I hope Cristi doesn't read this. The U is good for beating up on and that's about it.


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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Charlie and the chocolate factory

the stork candy machine. why don't they have these anymore.

put in your coin and the stork drops you a present out of his hind end. hmmmmm.. tempting

This is like the first candy machine ever. The scary gnome doesn't make me want to buy a bar.

This was a chocolate display, can you see something wrong with this?

i don't know if an angry employee did this or what? But this really stuck out to me.
Chocolate and the middle finger don't go well together well.

I thought this was a legless gnome so i took a picture now i realize that it is a soccer gnome after scoring a goal.

I Really liked this one because i think it would trick kids into eating vegtables. But after you've eaten a chocolate corn on the cob how can you go back to the real one?

chocolate forms

chocolate getting processed into forms.

This was as close as i'll ever get to the chocolate river like the one in Charlie and the chocolate factory. flowing chocolate tree.

hotel window view from Koln Germany

Once again I have taken a picture from my hotel window. I'm waiting to get some sweet picture from my hotel room one of these trips.

I guess you have to spend some serious cash to get a cool view.

germany is all about brautwursts and ....

this is us at the booth at the german show. I had a good time with these guys. One was from Japan one was from Belgium, and one from the UK.

koln at night with my new scarf. I bought 2 scarfs there. Why? I don't know. I was feelling scarfy.

the rhien river in Koln.


hot car. this is like an a5. I don't know if we get this in the states. I thought it was pretty slick looking. I wanted to see the porsche factory. But I guess you have to sign up 3 month in advance. BOOOO.. SO this was my only german car experience.

This was the post man's bike. He had training wheels on it. I was kind of suprised to see that they still deliver mail on a bike.


Do you know what is universal no mater where you go? GOTHS. i LOVE THEM.
THESE GUYS MADE ME FEEL LIKE HOME. A lot of the kids were wearing old german nazi uniforms. it was sweet. They just made me feel so good.


a german shepard in germany. It's like rain on your wedding day. It's a free ride when you've already paid. I hope I see an english bulldog in England later this month. Then I'll only be 10 pictures away from an ironic dog calander. Be prepared for that. I've got your Christmas gifts covered this year.


Forever 18??????? I thought it was forever 21. I always like to see the knock-offs when I travel.


German mickey mouse. It is like he's old school.

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Germany re-visited

Cathedral at night.
German Beer hall. Exactly as I thought it would be except for the Halloween jack-o-laterns haha. Bar maids and everything it was sweet. Beer was flowing like wine and uuuuhhhh i had a water with lemon. haha. They don't serve root beer so that's what I was left with.

Koln which is how it is spelt, but all the info I had said Cologne. I guess that's the english translation.

The Church
in KOLN. I took this as soon as I hopped off the train. It was about 6 in the morning. This church is huge. I have been in a lot of churches in my travels. I always think its interesting to go into a church and just sit and watch people.

why german?

Well ever since I went to Germany my blog instructions are in German.

uhhhhh...... Crazy Krauts. I finally figured how to change it just now after a few posts.

This is what my instructions looked like:

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