Thursday, September 20, 2007

cool plane pics

Here are some pics from a trip. A lot of the intl. airports take you out on a bus and then you hop on the plane. I fly united a lot. I don't know why it just usually ends up that way. I've got enough miles this year to get me upgraded on any united flight. They even gave me a vip card. sweet.

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woodgrain's mascot

This is woodgrain's mascot. Woody. It was designed by Lance Fry a local artist.

I think it is pretty cool.


was designed for the Company picnic.

McCall kayak trip

This was a few weeks back we went out on the Kayaks to do some cruising around the lake. It was a nice day. These kayaks are awesome you pedal them and they can cruise. The dogs weren't so sure about the water at first. Bentley kind of sinks Guapo learned to swim and was fetching sticks out in the water. I was so proud of him. hahaa.
Cristi and Guapo in action on the lake
Bentley getting ready for the trip. I took this picture and then hopped in the boat and Bentley got nervous and started shifting his weight and I tipped over and fell out with the camera in my pocket. So it still works but the screen doesn't work. May be time to get a new digi.

Cristi and Guapo heading out to sea.


One expensive chew toy.
Guapo and Bentley with their stash. Bentley doesn't look too happy to have the money.

I get money... I get money. I get it. Bentley gets paid.

I think dogs need to pull their own weight. I need these dogs to make some money. Dog food ain't cheap.

Well that won't happen. But, after I sold the VW van I had all this cash and thought it would be a funny picture. Well Bentley started chewing on Mr. Franklin. That was about to be an expensive doggy treat.

I got it out but it was a littl slobbery.

So, here are the pics.