Monday, March 05, 2007

The China office minus mr. Liang in McCall we went to the Pancake house and had some big cinnamon rolls and big pancakes. They thought it was pretty good
Rachel in McCall

Sophia in McCall

Hangter in McCall

Hangter, Sophia and Rachel from the China office Visiting in McCall.

Here's our China office with Reed.

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Exercise in China

So, if exercising in the park weren't enough our host took us to go dancing. I told him that I really had to get back to the hotel and do some work. And I thought we were going to go to some club, but he took us to a classic ballroom dance place where they have employees who ballroom dance with you.
HAHAHA, I really should have stopped him when he was giving me a massage. He was such a funny dude. Hangter took this picture of me dancing with one of the employee dancers. It was so funny. I kept laughing the whole time. The poor girl must have had her feet stepped on a couple of times.

He also bought us all hats. I'm wearing mine. Wow what a night.

I guess the Chinese Vendor thought it would be helpful if he gave me a massage while I was working out. hahahaha. Kind of wierd. He was a nice guy though hahahaha.

Exercise in China is sweet. All the parks have equipment

I'm not sure what this was but it was sweet. I got a good workout on it.

We saw this one night after dinner and a vendor said we should work off our dinner.

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