Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's fun to do Hood rat things

the best story I've heard in a long time.

Monday, April 21, 2008

doggie bags

So here's my new business idea. I call i doggie bags. They are like big bean bag chairs for dogs. Bentley loves it. He sleeps in this thing all the time. I can't get him out of it.

The dog is crazy.

So this is a multi-million dollar idea right?

either way dogs love 'em this is the prototype. Bentley has worn a hole in it.

It is funny sometimes El Guapo hops in it when Bentley isn't looking and Bentley looks at him like "what the heck are you doing in my bed".

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So I finally figured out how to post videos on You Tube. So, my life is changed forever.
Ok, I was just excited because it only took like 5 tries. I almost gave up.

So, here's the video. Again.

Why did I post it again. Well I want to get some buzz around it and people can leave comments on You Tube and vote for it. So if I get some buzz I may be able to get some more people involved.

So go onto you tube rank, leave some comments etc.

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Friday, April 04, 2008

first warm day of spring

We took the dogs out to the park right by the house when it got warm. enjoy the pics.

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shopping for manatee


We went shopping a few weeks ago.
And we found the coolest statue. A Manatee mommy and baby.

I wanted to put it in the back yard but Cristi said no. There is nothing more beautiful than the love between a baby manatee and it's mother.

So, no statue in the end but, at least we got a picture.

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Since April Fool's was so recent I thought I'd put this on

If Snoop can pull a prank on april fool's then me too.

The Paparazi got Cristi and I skiing in Aspen. Ok Idaho.

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It was too good to be true. see post below

Snoop Dogg a Mormon? April Fools!
Folks are asking if there's any truth to the CNN report that rapper Snoop Dogg has converted to Mormonism. The answer is no. If you check the date of the story, you'll see it's April 1 -- April Fools' Day. If you look closely at the URL of the alleged CNN article, you'll see it isn't really a valid CNN site at all. And if you look really, really closely at the fine print at the bottom of the phony Web page, it says: "You just got fooled! Snoop's not Mormon... yet!"

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Snoop's a Mormon? I still can't believe it.. Ha ha

I can't believe this still. If this is an Ashton Kutcher Punk'd I'm going to be upset.

But, at least this picture is awesome. That is pretty cool. Good for Snoop. Maybe he'll be watching conf. this weekend.

See story below.