Thursday, February 07, 2008

McCall the niece not the location

Thought I'd put some pictures of McCall that Cristi took a few months ago.
She's a cutie.

She's supposed to be a flower ferry. haha

This is what you do when you have no kids of your own and you can't post more dog pictures.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Christmas/New Years '07

Cristi's siter Mandy got a Ferret from her dad and when she pulled it out of the box it looked dead. It was just sleeping.

pit stop on the way back from Utah. Guapo was ridin' shotty.

Pancake house cinnamon rolls. Yeah they're that big.

papason and tan da man.

ski or die.

what? skiing there is nothing better.

last run of the day.

The fam at Brundage

Skiing with g-ma at Brundage, Idaho.

We went up to Sundance Christmas day and on the way up we were going to get some pizzas for dinner but everything was closed. We ate at Dennys. This was cheese fries.
It was really bad. LOOK at the picture and look what we got.
2 hours at Dennys. IT WAS really crowded. who would have guessed.

New puffy coat for Guapo

Cristi's Cousins were up from El Sal. So her little cousin left santa a treat and a message in espanol.

WHEEEEEEE FOR wii. We had a family boxing tournament in Utah. I beat my mother in law but lost second round.

This is my buddy Jordan. He was in SLC from Cali for a visit. Dude is heading to France to live for a bit. OUI OUI Jordan. I just picture him with a little mustach and beret eating cheese and talking about why the french only work 5 hrs a week.

mo' mo-tab.

We stayed at g-ma's condo downtown so we got to go to the mo-tab's christmas concert.

christmas pic.


Cristi and I at Brighton ski resort. 1 FT OF FRESH POW.

Ski crew in Utah.

Guapo's first Christmas.

For our anniversary Cristi bought me a computer. An apple year 4 is fruit if you do the traditional gifts for ann. I bought her an apple Ipod.


Here's some pictures of our house.
They are from before we even bought it.

I had a friend ask what our house looks like.

well here you are.