Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hypercolor shirt

Just found on Ebay.

see the description below:

This is an 80's vintage HYPERCOLOR t-shirt. This was mine in the 80's and STILL WORKS! Pink with white tie-dye that turns WHITE when warmed. Yes! IT still works! No holes, no snags. Found it sitting in my parent's closet. Probably been there since the 80's! 100% cotton. Generra brand. Light pink/ white tie-dye. All items are sold as described. No refunds. All items come from a pet/smoke free home. Only PayPal Accepted. Must pay within 3 days or negative feedback will be left.

So, the bid is up to $15 bucks.
If you remember this shirt you were probably the coolest person in your school. I remember when I first saw this shirt. This is the exact shirt my buddy had. It was 6th grade and one of my friends got it as part of his back to school attire. I hadn't heard of these shirts or seen them. He had a small group of girls hanging around him. They were touching his shirt and rubbing it. "What the heck is going on? That shirt is the sweetest thing i've ever seen. It's a cool shirt and girls touch you when you wear it". My friend started breathing on his shirt and with a couple puffs the shirt transformed from pink to white.

In class the attention continued kids kept touching his shirt even while we were sitting there as the teacher was lecturing. I marveled at the shirt all day. I couldn't believe such a wonderful shirt had been created and my buddy had one. The next day he wore a green hypercolor shirt. Then the following day he wore the pink one again. Did he wash it? Is he only working the hypercolor this year. Wait a second. His whole angle at getting attention is wearing hypercolor t shirts everyday. How can I compete with that. I'll never be able to touch that. And if i get a shirt i'll just be biting his style.

I started thinking about it a little more and decided that I didn't want that kind of popularity. It is what I call hypercolor popularity. Which is a false popularity. Plus since I have a gland problem I'd probably sweat and then my shirt would highlight that fact.

So i stuck to my suspenders and bolo tie. Can you say lady killer? Ladies love to snap the suspenders and bolo ties remind them of their grandpas (where do you think i got mine from?).

Ahhh hypercolor you molded me into the fashionable man i am today and you'll never know it.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Maui wowiiiieee!!!!!!

Some other pics from Hawaii over Christmas. I need to post some.

hawaii coast line on super secret backroad.

super secret hawaii swim spot on Christmas day.

sitting on the beach watching the bros surf.

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Late Christmas letter post

Dame/Norris Christmas Letter-

This year we have had another addition to our family. It’s not another dog or even a child. This year Chuck Norris moved into our home.
Ever since Walker: Texas Ranger was canceled and the Gov. Huckabee thing ran its course Chuck has hit hard times. Cristi and I have always been big fans of Chuck and his entire body of work. Even the infomercials. So let me update you on our year with Chuck or as I like to call him sometime Walker.
I’m writing this on Chuck’s laptop and I just realized there’s not backspace and no ctrl button. Why you ask, because Chuck Norris doesn’t make mistakes and he’s always in control.
This year has been pretty spectacular much like witnessing a roundhouse to the face of an evildoer by Chuck.
We started out this year with a tragic accident. Cristi while bending over to pick up a bone was struck a heavy blow by our dog El Guapo. Guapo likes to jump, and he jumped right into Cristi’s tooth and broke it in half. After some major surgeries and some extensive work Cristi’s tooth has been restored.
Chuck was looking for a job since a lot of his endorsements had ended. Total gym was a good gig while it lasted, but Chuck needed something to really put him back on his feet, plus he eats a lot since he’s gotta keep his energy up. I suggested that he be a toilet paper spokesman, but he looked me dead in the eye with those intense piercing eyes and said, “Brooks I don’t take crap from anyone”. Too true too true, what was I thinking suggesting it?
For my birthday Cristi got me a WII and it is pretty fun. I’m pretty good at guitar hero and so is Cristi. But of course Chuck is the best. He has a mean power stance.
Cristi was working the wedding circuit and shooting photographs for a good chunk of the summer. It seemed like almost every weekend Cristi had a wedding this summer.
We did take a trip or two in the mountains and then got the opportunity to go film a documentary in Venezuela. We worked down there with the Barri and the Yukpa Indian tribes who suffer from lack of medicine. We spent two weeks down there shooting video and photos. We left Chuck at home; we knew if he came down he’d probably have to roundhouse Hugo Chavez.
In the Fall Chuck decided he wanted to go out on his own to pursue the meaning of life. He said, “Brooks, I appreciate your hospitality this year, you have taught me a lot. There have been many times that I have wanted to roundhouse the smile off your face, like the time you made fun of my hit movie Delta Force. But, you have helped me so much this year when I was down and out. Now is my time to go back in the world and make my mark one more time. Thank you my friend. Thank you”. At this point you’d think he would cry or hug me, but Walker TEXAS ranger does not hug and does not ever cry.
In order to celebrate Chuck leaving, we went to Hawaii for Christmas with the family.

Good luck chuck. Good luck. And Merry Christmas.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


We braved the freezing temps to head up to the hill. -1 this morning. we showed up a bit late hoping it'd be warmer. it was got up to 10 on top.

It was a good day of skiing.

Here's to a many more rides this season. Skiing is one of those things that i think i'll do until i die. It's not like the time I started a beanie baby collection, or started taking yoga, or interpretive dance, or sync swimming, or water polo (editors note:I've never tried any of those things, mainly because if i did i'd quit them all). But skiing is one of those things I hope I can do forever. I can go up with fam, friends or by myself and just really enjoy it. good snow bad snow, cold, warm. it's just fun to ski.

Come up to Idaho and i'll take you with me.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

vampires are cool?

So my wife and I saw Twilight over Thanksgiving for my sister in law's birthday.

Vampires are cool. Vampires in love not as cool, but i can't knock it I guess. Some people are into romantic vampires. So over the break we went to Hawaii for Christmas. Cristi decided she wanted to read the books, since we saw the movie it grabbed her attention.

Well she knocked out 3 volumes while we were there. Yes we made 2 trips to Borders so she could buy it. Meanwhile, Brooks reading a historic book on Lincoln "Team of Rivals" is still working on it. When books start getting thicker than the bible i sometimes get demotivated to read, even if its good, I like to read, just mostly shorter books like magazines, do those count. I can read an article and be done in 15 mins and have a good story done with. I actually read an article on Twilight. It's about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. Sorry if I spoiled it for you. I read that in 10 mins and know the whole premise. Saved myself like 2 years of my life.

Now she's filled me in on the story and it sounds interesting. So, that is the other way that I save time. Have someone else read a book that i'm interested in and then just have them tell me about it. i just still can't get over vampires and romance. I think of the count off sesame street when i think of vampires not so much love. So i've posted some pics of Cristi on vacation and a sweet vampire pic as well.

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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