Monday, December 15, 2008

life of a traveling salesman

So, being on the road can be fun. It can also be a grind. After a long day sometimes it's nice just to crash and go to bed.

So I was in Jefferson City, Missouri last week and I got there without a hotel thinking i'd just grab one. One place wanted to charge me 90 bucks, i was tired, but we are in a financial crisis. I can drop $90 on a nice hotel almost anywhere that isn't on the side of the highway.
So I find the econolodge and decide to stay there. So i go in to check in. First of all it took forever to get me checked in. I should have known the rest of the night was going downhill.

So I get my key head to my room turn on the lights to a weird smell. Walk to the Bathroom and realize, this place isn't as clean as it should be. hey there's towels on the floor. there's a pillow by the trash can. Did someone use this bathroom and not flush the toilet? hmmm.... hey there are no knobs on the shower. yeah that could be a problem in the morning.

So pack it all back up go to the front desk and She says" Oh yeah sorry about that i though they were doing some work in there or something". So, do you have any other rooms?

Yes we have one. It is upstairs. Ok i'll take that. Walk back outside hop in the car drive over to the room, walk upstairs and try the key. Yeah, room 219 won't open. So here comes the front desk lady, "Your key doesn't work does it?" Nope.
Sorry about that. Let me reset it. She returns 5 mins later.

Key doesn't work again. So she pulls out a key from her pocket and opens the door and give it to me.

Me- So is this the master key to the whole hotel?
Her-Yes, make sure you return it.
Me- Uhhhhhhh... ok.

So I get in check my emails and crash, Knowing that the front desk lady hands out master keys to complete strangers i put the chain on my door and go to sleep.

The next morning I wake to the buzz of an alarm. Time to go to work.

I decide against breakfast and opt for my clif bar in my suitcase.

I check out and return the key.

There's a new girl at the front desk.

me- Yeah, the lady last night gave me this key i think it's the master you may want to hang on to that.
Her- What who gave you this?
Me- The lady last night.
Her- Oh she shouldn't have done that.
Me- Well, she gave me a room with no shower knobs and I think she felt bad and It was late.
Her- She will probably get fired for this.
Me- Well i didn't use it i just went to bed.
Her- So how was your stay.
Me thinking to my self- Did you not just hear me. My first room looked like someone got murdered in or was squating and then the front desk lady gave me a complete stranger the master key to the whole hotel.
Me(What i actually said)- Grrrreaaat. Thanks,

I thought about sending these to Econolodge (Something I hardly ever do, sending complaint letters to businesses) but i THOUGHT they may award me with a free nights stay the next time i'm in Jeff city.

I'll pass.

haha. being on the road is fun. Full of stories and adventure. Kind of like Lewis and Clark.

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Blogger Laura Bernard said...

Crazy! I had a friend who stayed at a decent hotel and had bedbugs in two rooms in a row. They left the hotel completely.

Unbelievable that she gave you the master key!

7:44 AM  
Blogger DC Diva said...

Brooke Dame.

You, my friend, have told some GREAT stories... this is for sure among the top 5. LOVE IT! Classic pictures. Disgusting! And creepy!

11:39 AM  
Blogger Brooks Dame said...

yeah kind of interesting.

traveling is awesome. haha.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

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10:16 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

I love a man who can see the humor in a crisis! You will never be disheartened with life...and I LOVE that about you!

10:17 PM  

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