Saturday, February 06, 2010

massive update. a little late on most of this. volume 1

cristi's own little tienda.

a little lunch in suchitoto

super small figurines an El Salvador exclusive.

i bought this and i think we lost it. i have never seen cristi wear it. hmmmm....

sitting back and sipping on a cold drink. nada better.

a little weaving action.

this breakfast brought to you by sprite. pupusas for bfast so good. actually i think i was a little sick that day.

If you get a blessing leave your name on the wall.

joe and bianca ready to party.

at the dinner and dance.

Mandy and Stacey getting ready for Grad night party at the expo.


Hanging with la familia eating camarones. muy rico.

who is that mysterious girl?

El Salvador for Alex's graduation dinner not too shabby. nice view of the sunset going down.

world's most expensive hot dog. I had to donate a kidney and then pawn my sf hat to buy this dog. and the truth is not so tasty.
#1 giants fan. ok we bought the hat before the game.

heading to the baseball game on the mean streets of S.F. this was awesome.

this guy was going door to door selling coon skin caps. ok maybe he was just a fashion forward dude i don't know. but it was hot outside.

oak town the city in the bay.
obey out in nowhere oregon.

in the arid central oregon.

ski dog.


done and delicious.

these guys love jerky too. even when they have lampshades on.

meaty goodness.

making jerky. oh yeah i love jerky and i had to borrow the old dehydrator from my mom.

smithsonian museum a nice stop.

In front of the Obama's house.

had to do it. don't judge me.

Me and Lincoln

HARDCORE guard watching the tomb of the unknown soldier

arlington, VA

Thankgiving night comes to a close.

after dance lessons.

secret garden.

trying on hats. nice. muy nice.

I was going to play one of these in the band at school, but then I realized that it was a little flashy and decided to just play a tuba instead.

no one told us there was a dress code. ugggghhhh super embarrassing wearing modern clothes.

what happens when you have another tourist take your picture. Tall guys get cut out.

grave by the church.

Stepping back in the past. Cool place to visit on Thanksgiving day.

We even got to eat our Thanksgiving dinner there and learned to dance old school style.

Laser tagging for Mandy's b-day in Va.

Starburst car in Va. so official. and juicy too.

Crater Lake trip.

Cristi Crashing on our Oregon Trip.

A little Guapo candid.
A little BYU Football

Quick trip to Seattle


Blogger DC Diva said...

You guys have been BUSY. Did you come to DC AGAIN or is this the trip from 2008 when we saw you? Better not have visited again and not called us (b/c you know, we NEVER do that to you...)

8:02 AM  
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