Friday, April 29, 2005

Cruise control


I guess I'd better give you an update. The film festival was really cool. It was a small venue. Well, it was small after going to Sundance. It was good to network and meet other film makers. The film that showed directly after mine was about the mozote masacare in El Salvador. So, it was really cool to have my film followed by another film about El Salvador. After the festival the director of the other film "Artist of Resistance". She is a professor her in Arizona and wants me to come and present "Que Vivan los Pepenadores" So, that should be cool. I am going to try and enter the film in a few more festivals as well. I am trying to work on another film as well. We'll see if it takes off. I guess I should finish one films run before I start another film. I'll try and post some pictures soon.

Things are good. Really good. I finally finished finals and now I am just trying to figure out what to do for Mexico and get my house all in order. We are getting closer and closer to finishing it. I have to get my bus all in working order. we'll see how it all goes.

This week has been good. I just finished finals and Todd's wedding. It was really good to go to the wedding and be there with the fam. It's always good to be with my family. The wedding was really good. Todd seems really happy as a married man. It'll be fun to see what Todd and Melony end up doing. They are on a cruise right now. Man, that would be nice. I wish I was cruising right now.

Well, we can't find our cord to download our pictures but as soon as we find it I'll post some pictures from the wedding and the fest.

Take care

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Well, this week has been crazy. I've been trying to put allt the finishing touches on my doc. The premiere is tomorrow. Which is crazy seeing how I just finihed editing it all last night, or I should I say this morining at 6. One thing's for sure. I'll be getting a whole lot more sleep once this is over with.

I also have finals starting next week. It's going to be killer. I've got 4 finals to take. Saturday is the first one, oh wait. I'm not going to be her on Saturday. Why Becuase Todd (my little brother) is getting married. It's madness I tell you. Sheer madness. I also told him and his future wife that i'd make them a wedding video. Which I haven't even started. Great! So, it's going to be crazy. I get back Sunday and if the film does good I have to go down to Tuscon on Sunday to attend the the Best of the Fest. Then Monday I've got my first final. When will I study? I don't know.

But, I really like all that's going on right now with me. So, I can't complain. Life is good. Oh yes, I need to mention this before I sign off. I told you that I was going to buy a bug for mexico. Well, I went and bought a vw bus instead. A '71 vw bus. It is sweet. Kind of an orange-yellow. I'll post some pics when I take some. It runs like a champ and doesn't really have any major problems. It leaks a little oil, so i'll have to get that fixed.

Ok i'm out i'll keep you posted on the film fest, finals, and wedding festivities.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Papers tests and papers

Well, this week is all about tests and papers. We've gotten so much thrown at us. Finance test on Monday Data Analysis on friday. 3 papers due next week. It's starting to drown me. I do not recommend making a documentary and trying to do school at the same time.
Thunderbird's media/movie club wants to screen the movie on Sunday. Yeah, not all the way done with it. That could be a problem. I think it's goint to take a couple late nights to knock this stuff out.

I'm excited to see some people who haven't been involved in the process see the film. I want to see their reactions, I think it'll be unexpected for sure for most. They are anticipating one of the largest crowds in history since it's a film by a student. Usually they screen international films that have done well in the box office. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Originally uploaded by waxbang.
This is the Documentary's Poster

Photo: Jordan Nelson

Poster Design: Taylor Dame

dump flag b:w

dump flag b:w
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This is a picture Jordan Nelson took our first day in the Dump