Sunday, May 03, 2009

india again

Some pictures from India. Random order. I just wanted to get some up since I haven't posted in forever and a day.
Maybe more to come.

Just give me another month or two. ok i'll try to do it the next time i hop on, but for now off to bed.


where they did the wash for the area. crazy amount of sheets and clothing in one area

threading flowers.

the happy couple dancing.

music night. so official.

cristi in her natural enviroment.

i don't know why this made me smile, military guy on a bike. get this guy a jeep or something.

to cross or not to cross. don't cross. ok now cross. wait for this motorcycle
oh wait the bus. ok now cross. wait. ok go.

taxis are soo small. not for big people

train hoppin and diddy boppin'

tell it like it is. I bet no one parks there.

kid we met at the park.

somehow we ended up with like 3 of these drums.

PIECE OF GRANITE MISSING FROM THE ATTACK ON Mumbai in November. This is outside the Cafe where some foreigners were killed.


wiring on the way up. a little sketchy.

dinner at a med

cristi at roof. i picked out the heels thank you very much.

The queens necklace. shot from the roof of the intercontinental's restraunt roof. nice views

dancing. There was a lot of dancing. All fun. We learned a couple of cool new moves. But music and dancing is a big part of the festivities. There was one night that was all dancing and music. And of course good food.

train station after 3 trains arrived
total madhouse. 1 billion people in India=awesome fun.

chillin' after a hard days work. Ok i don't know if he'd been working hard. He was snoozing when we found him. But i imagine he'd been carrying around his basket and was taking a break.

at the amber fort. the architecture here was off the wall. They had mirrors and stars, and some really cool stuff all over.

from the wedding ceremony

ridin' the slumdog train to see where they do the wash in the outdoor wash sector.

da man. I love ghandi. This guy had things figured out.
Nice statue in Mumbai park.

this is a shot cristi took. I took another shot of her taking this shot. I'll see if i can find it. THis was in a market near Victoria station


Blogger Nicole said...

I love all you pictures of India, what a wonderful experience. I am also glad to see you post again, I was getting really tired of seeing that Hyper color shirt at the top of you blog!
It looks like you guys had a blast!

9:51 PM  
Blogger Brittany and Scott said...

brooks . . . . it looks like you guys do quite a bit of traveling. no wonder we live about 30 minutes away from you guys and never see you. i check in on you guys once and awhile and its good to see you are doing well.

10:14 AM  
Blogger SHEFFERS 'R' US said...

Hey Brooks! It looks like you have been staying very busy. World Traveler. Sounds like you have stories to tell that would never end. Tried calling the other day and I think the number I had for you no longer works.

Bert Sheffer

11:56 AM  
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