Sunday, October 05, 2008


What can be better.

I thought this video was pretty funny.
I was trying to find more info on the bailout and found this.

I've been watching this whole deal pretty closely.
When we took a 700+ point dip I decided to buy more stocks. So far so good.

Hopefully, we'll get through all this.

It all comes down to living within your means. I hear about predatory lending, greed, etc. And I agree. That is part of it. But really it comes down to people believing they really could afford a 300k house when they should have been in a 100k house.

So, we are all a little to blame. Do I like that the govt. had to bailout the financial markets? No. But, I don't agree to just let it all fail.

Remember that house you bought that you couldn't afford? Guess what now you're still paying for it. Death and Taxes.

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