Friday, September 30, 2005

I left my heart in San Francisco

Here are some pictures from our san francisco trip
Lombard street, The bridge (We ran across the whole bridge and back), The chocolate factory, and all the places that you should see in San fran. before you die.

It was a lot of fun.

Keep you posted.

Mexico Re-re-visited

Here are some more pictures from Mexico,

I'm looking for the pictures of our last trip down so I can tell the story with some visual aids.

I'll see If I can find them until them I'll just post these.

I'll be posting some more exciting stuff in the next week or so. There should be some good adventures coming down the pipeline. I'll keep them hush hush for now but stay tuned.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Back in Town Details to follow


We are officially back in Scottsdale. Mellow Yellow also made the journey back with us but just barely. I'm going to post some pictures right now of what we've been up to in the last weeks and then I'll post some trip pictures and other fun stuff on my next posting.

The trip back is one that you are not going to believe.

Here are a few pictures from our adventures over the last few weeks I'll add some more later and also include a little update on our trips or should I say trips back. Keep ya posted.

This is a picture of my cousin Matt and his "friend" Katie Skating in McCall a few weeks ago.

Cristi, Todd, Mel and I in San Fran just kickin back.

Here's a pic of Cristi and I on Lombard street the crookedest street in the world.

This is a una-bomber sighting that I snapped off in the Salt Lake International Airport let me know if you see her.

This is a picture I took a few months ago of an old gas pump that we filled up at on our way to Arizona from Utah.

Mom and Pops cuttin' a rug

This is at my Cousin's wedding in California. Cristi took a lot of wedding shots for her portfolio.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Broken down again

We went back to Mexico to pick up the van. The paint job looked really good.
When we got back to Mexico and our mechanic said he needed a day extra to make sure it was running good.
Well we gave him that after him having almost 2 weeks extra to work on it on top of all the time while we were in Mexico.

So we get the van it's runnining good we go for about 10 minutes and it starts stalling again. So we go to a different mechanic and they fix one little thing and the van is running like a champ again. So, we go about 2 hours out of Guadalajara and the van makes a weird noise.

Long story short we find a different mechanic and he opens the engine up and tells us all the parts that were supposed to be replaced are used. None are new.

So we end up staying in Tequila the birthplace of Tequila for 5 days and then after set backs we decide that we need get out of there. So, we are about to go back down to pick up the van.

I'll keep you posted. Lots has been happening I'll update this later with pictures and all.