Wednesday, May 31, 2006

coon hunt

lowering of the cam

joe preparing the coon cam

After graduation we packed up our stuff and headed north. We stayed a day in Salt Lake the night we got there the Van Leeuwen's were having a problem with some racoons in their chimeney. We saw a racoon on the roof he jumped to a tree and then fell out and ran off
there seems to be family in there.

so my brother in law joe and i went to check it out. we ended up making a coon cam to send down the chimeney by putting a video camera in milk jug

here are some pictures
the video turned up nothing. i think the coon was out checking things out or hunting for food.

I hear he's still up there in the chimney.


the gang at raelynn's blessing

Close up of angel c. t-birds pres.

SHIMPS NAO AND I after graduation

Here are some additional grad pics I just got back from El Salvador and finally uploaded my pictures from my camera

I'm sure they'll be some el sal pics soon to come

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


dave dodge ean and myself right before we walked in

mug shot


grandma and I

I'm a little behind.

I've been in the process of moving trying to sell my car, house, and go to El Salvador before I start work.
I still need to download the pictures from my camera. There will probably be more pics to come.

it's been a busy couple of weeks.

Here are some pictures from graduation. It was nice to have family in town. Graduation was bittersweet. NIce to be done. Sad to say goodbye. I really made some great friends from all over the world who I hope to see soon.

I'll be posting PICTURES AND THOUGHTS from other fun adventures soon.