Saturday, July 28, 2007

more of the Dalian Tour

I just realized the Chinese have a lot of fake stuff. The fake tree these fake giraffes. What's the deal? In this little park they had a ton of Concrete animals. There was also a fake ship, fish, a windmill.

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signs signs everywhere there's signs

The highway this is on a 6 hr drive.
nice scenery. long drive.
Signs in English in China are always funny. This is a ramp. This isn't the best example of a funny sign they had one in the airport that says "watch your steps"

but on this trip they took it down. I was ready to take a picture because I always forget and they take it down.


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HMMMM... where's Brooks?

People always ask how tall I am in China. This group of guys is actually pretty tall compared to some. They always ask if I'm as tall as Yoa Ming. They love that guy in China. he's the man.
if only I could break into Chinese Basketball. There's gotta be big dollars in that.

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The view out my window the first night in China

I love to take pictures out my hotel window. It doesn't matter so much what is out there, IT IS MORE JUST THE FACT OF THE TRADITION OF TAKING A PICTURE. So usually in the morning or before I go to bed I take a picture.

Sometiemes they are ugly. SOmetiems they have my reflection in the glass. Sometimes they are of another building. I just like to take them. Especially, when I'm in China because it can vary so much. I must have about 30 pictures from Hotels when I travel.

This one I thought was cool because It had the cranes on the buildings. It really goes to show you the growth that is going on in China.

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the last supper

I always have something super American before I go to China. Because I know I won't eat anything like that when I get there.

So the I had to stop by the King and get my whopper on. I don't eat Fast food very much nowdays. But, for some reason that burger always tastes so good before I leave. Makes you appreciate food a little more. Especially when I'm gone for extended periods of time.
I have noticed with each passing trip to China I get better and better at eating all the food.
I'm not picky and I'll try everything, but sometimes I really can't get it to go down. Is dry heaving at the table considered rude? How about gagging? Because there have been some times that I've come close.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dalian Tour

Mr. Liang, myself, and Hangter by a big fake tree on the coast line. I don't know why there is a fake tree here, but it is pretty big. I don't really know why they made it but it is pretty big.

Here's the Chinese army marching around. I like the gloves. I guess this was a place that foriegners aren't supposed to go, but I got in because I look Chinese I guess. the height didn't give me away I guess.

This was by the ocean. There were just a bunch of un-manned poles hanging over a 100 ft. cliff.

As we were driving I saw this girl and had to take a picture. I figured since Cristi does weddings a lot she'd find this cool.

Wedding pictures are big deal in China they go all out for them. Which is kind of cool.

The door leading to the outside of the museum. You'd think that you were going to see something really great. but, uuuhhh it's a shell museum.

This place exists they even have a van.

This is Sophia and I at the Sea shell museum in Dalian. UHHHHH..... Seashells are pretty fun..

Ok, a whole museum for seashells. Seems a little crazy.

It was funny, because I asked the office staff if they'd ever been and they ALL said NO.


I got a tour of Dalian my last visit. I've been to the city probably 5 times but have never actually seen it so it was a nice visit. Here's some of the pics that I took on the Sat. tour I took in the afternoon.

I'll try to explain what is going on in the pictures.