Friday, June 24, 2005

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mid-terms & Mexico

Things here are good.
Mid-terms are creeping up on me. I'm trying to find time to study. With all the activities down here with school and outside of school. It's been crazy. I've really liked it. Tomorrow we have a plant visit. It's a Mexican Beer factory. They make all the major beers here in Mexico. I hear they are giving samples after the tour. That should be fun. Hahahaha.

One thing that we do down here that is a lot of fun is play basketball. We all get together on Wednesday and play. On Sunday we met a guy who is the footwear rep for Nike down here. He's a really cool guy. We invited him to come play with us yesterday. This guy is like 6'8" I asked him if he played b-ball before and he said yeah I used to play a little. In the end we found out he played at BYU. He was killing me yesterday I just couldn't gaurd him. He's an athletic guy. He's probably in his mid-30's.

It was a lot of fun.

Well, i'd better go study for mid-terms.

I'll keep you updated later and post some pictures.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

An Internship that is sooooo sweet.

I got my internship down here in Mexico.

I had to narrow it down between 2 choices. I was looking at doing some logistical work for The largest Tequila Company here in Mexico. They are trying to better their delivery routes. It sounded interesting but, I decided to go with Dulces Vero.

Dulces Vero is the largest candy producer in Mexico. They produce everything from Chocolate to Suckers. Since I have such a great love for candy I figured Why the heck not. Candy is delicious. It's fun. I mean who doesn't like candy. If you work for a neucular power plant some people would be like "That's not cool. Do you know what that does to the enviroment". or if you are a garbage man that job just kind of stinks. But, if you say"I am in candy". It's like "Wow Candy, That's a great job. I bet you get some great hook-ups like free candy". Ya see how that works. It's just a cool job.

I think I'll start calling myself the candyman. That sounds cool.

I'm going to head up the marketing and Logistics for a brand new product they are releasing. It should be a lot of fun.

I'll keep you posted on how it all works out.

If you want to see their products is their website


Poverty ender?

Last night we were talking about poverty. There seems to be an idea circulating that if the U.S. and other well off countries donated a small percentage of their gdp to poor countries. It seems like a good Idea I just don't see it happening. And one of the real problems is corruption within the poor countries governments and other organizations. Everyone seems to need a cut.

We were discussing the Venezuelan Bank Crisis. Basically, all the banks were on the brink of failure so, the government came in and gave them bailout loans. The same day the banks recieved these bail-out loans they were transfered to offshore accounts. And 100's of bankers fled the country with millions of dollars. It's crazy.

There are too many people who have had too little and so when an oppurtunity comes where they can get something they take it. Even if that means by illegal means. In one of our classes we were discussing corruption in countries and they said that in El Salvador 40% of the rich have had cars stolen. It's just crazy.

So, getting back to the question. How do you eliminate poverty? It's hard. It's just so deep. Would donating 2% of the US's GDP really lead to the elimination of poverty? It's an Idea that many think is feasible. There are even many economist who think that it's feasible.

Time will tell.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


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Here is a picture of Cristi and I overlooking the city of Guanajuato. This is a silver mining town that is a great mix of european and colonial spanish. It is a lot like Antigua Guatemala. It was an amazing town that I would recommend to anyone. It has a really great history, lots to see and do, and a fun atmosphere.

New Girlfriend

New Girlfriend
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This was in Guanajuato. They have these performing musical groups that take you through the alleys and backstreets of the city while they play music. It was crazy. Anyways this lady who looked a little crazy asked me to dance while they were playing. She even gave me a kiss.


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Flower children in Manzinillo.


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This is a picture of the of the cathederal in Guadalajara. It was really cool. Mike, Jeni, and Cristi are standing in front