Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bianca's show coming in Nov.3rd

Well, if I've never told you about Bianca's musical talents where have you been?

Bianca is Cristi's sister and has an amazing voice. No I mean amazing. "A lot of people say oh I love your voice or wow you are a good singer".

But, Bianca is legit. Her voice is super good. She also writes her own songs so that adds to her appeal.

go to her myspace page to hear some tunes.

Cristi also has her songs on her website

I'm sure you'll agree that she rocks.

anyways, she has a cd release party coming up. please see the picture.

It is going to be awesome. They have a guy opening and then Bianca is going to rock the stage.

It is going to be at the Wells Fargo bldg. at the top floor in Down town SLC.

so it'll be sweet.

So come on out. it'll be awesome bring your friends.

if you like the cd it'll be on sale.

i got a sneak preview and it is awesome.

I think she sounds like jewel and a bit like the girl who sings bubbly. So if you like that whole vibe you'll enjoy.

If you want me to snag some cd's let me know and i'll bring them back up to Idaho. But, if you are in slc come and get one yourself.

It'll be off the hook.

Her song Grateful was a song she wrote after we visted El Salvador and we spent time in the dumps. So that was a song she wrote for to put on the documentary.

Come on out. It'll be good to see you all. Tell your friends we want to fill up the 23rd floor.
it's a free concert so there's no reason why you shouldn't come. Bring your girlfried or wife and tell her you reserved some really expensive tickets, she'll be impressed.

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byu san diego game postponed due to fires

The San Diego vs. BYU game is canceled due to the fires in so. Cal.

I guess it will be dec. 1. Utah vs BYU won't be the last game of the year unfortunately.

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funny website

I think this is super funny.

When I travel I always take pictures of when things are spelt wrong. I just think it is funny. This website has mis-spellings of english words.

I see these all the time when I travel.

SOmetimes it is just something small other times it is just murdered. When there are sayings or things like that, that's when there are the most problems.

Here's the link.

and a little blurb about it.
What is it? First of all, this is not a dig at any of the world's peoples. English is a complicated and nuanced language. Many folks in non-English-speaking countries--in the tourism industry, for instance--learn the language in a good-faith effort to communicate with (sell things to) their English-speaking customers. But sometimes it all goes wrong. Engrish.com dedicates itself to collecting hundreds of examples of these unfortunate (mis)usages from around the world, and in a bunch of different categories, such as Signs and Product Packaging.
Why is it funny? For the novice, writing in English can be a walk through a minefield. One misplaced word or poor sentence construction can give an innocent message a whole new meaning.
Bonus: While you're at it, take a look at this small collection of English-language mishaps, assembled by Kaare Danielson. One sign, seen in a Japanese hotel, says: "You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid."

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GERMANY= fun, and cool language fun


I'm in germany.

all my webpages are in German so buttons like send are in german. So I could be hitting send or delete.

German is a funny language. I don't get it. I just keep saying Nein nein. or is it nien nien. Anyways, So far so good, but I haven't really done anything.

I rode the train from Fankfurt to Koln. I sat buy a Chinese guy from Ohio who was going to a plastic show. It was interesting to talk to him since he works in China so much.

Then I came to the hotel and crashed. It was like 2 am in Idaho. Now I can't sleep. It is like 3am here now. crazy crazy.

I'll take some pictures and post them in the next few days. I'm trying to see if I can swing a Porsche factory visit. They only build like 3-4 cars a day at each factory. We'll see if I can pull it off. I guess I was supposed to sign up like 3 months in advance. So, we'll see if I can work it in.

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