Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mid-terms & Random thoughts


I'm in midterms right now. I kinda don't like tests but, I guess they want to see if you have learned anything. School wise this has been my best semesters when it comes to growth, learning, and useful information (It's all useful but, some seems more useful than others). Favortie class has to be New Venture. New venture is an entrepreneur class. We are working on business plans and that's actually a lot of fun. Becuase it seems like something that i'll use use. I'm not creating a spread sheet for microsoft's accounting practices. I'm creating a plan that is my idea. That someday I may actully do.

That's pretty cool.

But a lot of good classes this trimester.
Hard to believe I'm done in May. It seems like I had just got to Thunderbird yesterday.

It's really interesting as people are getting jobs. It seems like the number one thing driving their decision is Money. I can understand that we've got some debt to pay off. But, com'on if you don't eve really like the company or the position why would you take it. It seems to me that many graduates want to be on the fast track to success. They get and MBA and think that means they should make 110,000 dollars a year just because of that. Some may command that type of salary. But, many don't have the experience to back that kind of salary up. The old days of making an honest days living and deserving your promotion seems to have past. Our generation wants money and power quickly and if they don't get it they complain, quit, sue, etc... It's really pretty lame in my opinion. I mean how can a CEO who has worked his whole life to biuld a company and get to where he is at feel comfortable promoting someone who has been in the company for 5 years to a position that maybe took him a lot longer to achieve. I can see how they feel threatened.

I read an article in Fast Co. a week or so ago about how our generation doesn't know how to fail. We've been told we can't fail and when we have failed our parents have been there to back us up etc... etc...
Anyways it was talking about a Harvard grad who got a bad performance review and was about to cry. Then he got his parents involved and the guy's mom called the HR department to say there had to be a mistake, becaus her son didn't deserve that type of rating. We are a generation who wants instant gradification and to be honest we are a little greedy. It's sad to say that I'm part of it. I would hope that we get to the point where we can learn from those who have gone before us while implementing our own knowlege and style to the workplace.

I guess time will tell on where this mentality and attitude take us but, I don't think there is going to be a meeting of the minds with baby boomers and gen yer's, gen xer's.

Take care,

Sunday, March 05, 2006

pictures from the border

Here are the long awaited photos from the border 2 weeks ago with the min. men. Another educational experience.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Ean and the Virgin

After hanging out on the border we went to Mexico to get some Tacos. We stopped by the virgin in order to bless our trip. Ok Ean had to use the bathroom.

This was our buddy Richard. He had a big truck and was actually a pretty funny guy.

Working real hard with his bag of Peanuts

Here's Ean spotting on the border. Pretty sweet