Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New articles in the Das Tor

I've got 2 new articles in the latest edition of Thunderbird's newspaper.

One is on the marathon I ran and the other is about China.

Here's the links




Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Cristi pics

brinlee and ali

Brinlee and her mom ali.

Here are some recent pictures that Cristi took. I'm turning into one of those guys that doesn't have a kid so I talk about other people's kids as if they were my own. Cristi has been doing more and more photo shoots. Pretty soon I'm sure she'll be getting a good amount of customers.

I think we are going to be attending a wedding or 2 that she will be shooting as well. So that's pretty cool. She's gotten really good at using her camera and throwing in all the tricks.

There are some of our friend's daughter brinlee as well.


Naco and the minutemen

Well this weekend I was back at the border with my buddy Ean and the good ol' minutemen. They were a laugh a minute. It was good to go with Ean, We were crackin' up the whole time. I've got some good video footage and some pics that I'll try and download later.

It has just been a bit since I've got on here.

So be on the look out for new pictures and exciting stories.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gator land

Cristi and the gator without the muzzle gaurd.

me and the gator

Mari holding a gator.

gator wrestlin'

kissing toads

This was a picture of the animal show. Cristi has a fear of scorpions. When she was younger she lived in AZ and got stung by one and couldn't talk. So she was the worst one for picking to show off the scorpion to.

on the river

gator alert

This was one of the airboat operators. He kinda reminded me of a pirate.

one big gator

Hi from Gator land

The gators were killing me. It was hillarious he was telling me a crocodile joke. Gators hate crocs. FUNNY I'M TELLING YOU GUESS YOU had to be there.

Me and the fellas just having a good time chattin' it up.

Mari and Cristi with GATOR GUYS.

Here's a trip to GATORLAND.

Sweet place for seeing gators.
We took an air boat ride and saw some wild gators and we also got to see some cool birds.

It was a lot of fun.

Afterwards we got to see some gator wrestleing. that was pretty cool.
Holding a gator was also cool. They feel really smooth and cold to the touch.

Anyways, Enjoy the pictures.