Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving and other odds and ends

Well Thanks giving is on it's way. Pretty soon we'll all be sitting down to a nice turkey dinner with our family and friends. What if instead of Turkey this year everyone just ate hamburgers? Or what about duck? I know supposedly the pilgrims had turkey with the indians when they got here but, let's just change it up to throw in variety. just a thought.

Well, this Thanksgiving is going to be a special one because my whole family is coming into town. The family coming to town is great but what makes the holiday special this year is that my brother and sis-in-law are expecting a baby. The baby should be coming any day now. So, we'll see what happens.

I also would like to note that Cristi and I went Skiing 2 weekends ago. That's right skiing. Cristi flew up to see me up in Idaho where I am doing my internship and the local ski hill happened to be opening the earliest they had in their 40 year history. It was a good day of skiing. It made me a little bummed to be living in Az. You gotta love skiing.

The other big event that I'm trying to prepare for is a Marathon. This isn't just any marathon. This is the Disney Marathon in Orlando. It should be fun. You run the whole marathon through the park and Universal studios. So, I'm sure it'll be lots of fun.
The only problems is that I haven't been training very well. I'll run good for a week and then I'll sluff off for a week. I have run about 14 miles on my longest run. The problem is that a marathon is 26 miles. Yeah, It's going to be trouble for sure. When I was up in Idaho for the past 2 weeks it was freezing. By the time I got off work it was dark and about 25 degrees outside. I've been spoiled living in Arizona.

I head to china in about a week so I'll keep you posted once i'm over there if I can get internet acess. I've heard that sometimes the government will block some sites. I hear they block cnn because they don't like the way the tv station portrays them. Running will hopefully happen while I'm over there as well but I've heard it is supposed to be cold there as well. Maybe I'll buy some fake nikes and get my run on.

I'm going to include some pictures that are random. I think I will put some pictures of the dump in El Salvador because that is where we celeprated thanksgiving last year giving out shoes and eating fried chicken. By far the best Thanksgiving I've ever had. Enjoy


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